Status Conference Statement {LR8-B} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Washington

 Washington   Local County   Grant   Superior Court 
Status Conference Statement {LR8-B} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Washington

Last updated: 11/14/2022

Status Conference Statement {LR8-B}

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Status Conference Statement Page 1 of 2 LR8 - B 9/1/18 Superior Court of Washington County of Grant Plaintiff(s), vs. Defendant(s). No. Status Conference Statement (ST) THE PARTIES MUST MEET AND CONFER AND THIS FORM MUST BE FILED AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE STATUS CONFERENCE Is this case subject to mandatory arbitration? NO Yes (Case is subject to mandatory arbitration if sole relief sought is money judgment not over $ 10 0 ,000 exclusive of costs & interest). If case is subject to mandatory arbitration, do not complete the remainder of this form; sign the form and return it to the court along with the arbitration filing fee . Anticipated form of trial: Non - jury Jury of 6 Jury of 12 Anticipated number of trial days needed: days , including jury voir dire, closing argument, and deliberations . (Under - estimating the number of trial days may result in the trial date being stricken.) The pa rties who have not settled or been released (i.e., who will participate in trial) are: When is the earliest date discovery will be completed? When is the earliest date the case will be ready for trial? Complete the following request for deadlines to be inc luded in the Scheduling Order. Pretrial steps are REQUESTED DEFAULT Status Conference Statement Page 2 of 2 LR8 - B 9/1/18 SCHEDULE SCHEDULE 1. Deadline to join additional parties and amend claims or defenses: 180 days b efore trial 2.Plaintiff disclosure of expert witnesses: 180 days before trial 3.Defendant disclosure of expert witnesses: 150 days before trial 4.Plaintiff disclosure of rebuttal expert witnesses: 120 days before trial 5.Deadline to comple te discovery 90 days before trial 6.Last date for hearing dispositive motions: 45 days before trial 7.Deadline to file witness and exhibit lists: 30 days before pretrial conference 8.Deadline to file motions in limine, proposed jury instruct ions and trial briefs: 7 days before pretrial conference A pretrial conference (see LCR 16): [ ] can most likely be completed in 60 minutes and thus may be held at 9:00 am on first trial day. [ ] will likely exceed 60 minutes and should therefore b e specially set by the court administrator. Please notify the court administrator if your response to this item changes before the trial. A settlement conference before a judge other than the trial judge is is not req uested. unavailable for trial -- due to now - existing scheduled trials, hearings, or travel on the following dates: Each undersigned certifies that (s)he has conferred with all other counsel and pro se parties regarding the matters set forth herein, and that all parties: Do agree to the requested schedule. Do not agree to the requested schedule. Attorney for: Attorney for: Attorney for: Attorney for:

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