Notary Complaint Form | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Colorado

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Notary Complaint Form | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Colorado

Last updated: 7/30/2019

Notary Complaint Form

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STATE OF COLORADO Department of State 1700 Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80290 Jena Griswold Secretary of State Mike Hardin Director, Business & Licensing Division Main Number Fax Business Fax Licensing TDD /TTY (303) 894 - 2200 (303) 869 - 4864 (303) 869 - 4871 (303) 869 - 4867 Website E - mail Business E - mail Licensing Guidelines for Notary Complaints Dear Constituent : Notary Public Program . The Secretary of State has jurisdiction to investigate possible violations of the Colorado Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Act s (RULONA) . If a violation occurred , it may result either in a letter of admonition or in disciplinary action against the notary , up to and including a notary revocation hearing . This memo provides some guidelines regarding the complaint - handling process. These guidelines are meant to help you understand what we will be doing with your complaint. 1. We do not represent you. Any action that we take is on behalf of the state and citizens in general. By accepting your complaint, we have not agreed to represent you in any capacity. 2. Our jurisdiction is limited to violations of RULONA . Our investigations are not designed to provi de individual remedies . In addition, we do not have jurisdiction to decide whether a notarized document is valid for a particular purpose, to invalidate documents, or to take any other actions with regard to the documents themselves. If you have concerns about civil or criminal questions related to an improperly - notarized document, you should seek your own legal counsel . 3 . How you can help us to evaluate your complaint: In order to help us accurately evaluate your complaint , include documents; keep the originals for your own records. If your documents contain confidential information, such as social security numbers, bank numbers, or similar items, redact those numbers from the copies of the documents before submitting them . 4 . What we might ask you to do: In order to fully investigate your claims , we will need your full cooperation. We may ask you to provide us with additional information in writing or i n an interview. In addition, while the great majority of complaints are resolved without a hearing, you might be asked to be a witness. If you are unable or unwilling to testify about your complaint, please let us know. provide legal advice to you. To preserve any legal rights you may have, you may wish to seek a private attorney. Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your bringing this situation to our attention. American LegalNet, Inc. N COMP Page 1 of 2 Rev. 7/01 /201 8 Notary Complaint Form Colorado Secretary of State Notary Program 1700 Broadway, Ste. 200 Denver, CO 80290 For office use only Last name First name Street address City State ZIP Code Home phone number Business phone number Email address Your information Notary name Street address City State ZIP Code Phone number Commission expiration date Email address Notary information Phone: 303 - 894 - 2200, press 4, then 1 Email: Form can be mailed or scanned and emailed . With the exception of the notarization, all pages of this form must be typed and submitted . Attach copies of any notarizations or other documentation mentioned in or related to this complaint. I have attached copies of all related documentation. Attachments American LegalNet, Inc. N COMP Page 2 of 2 Rev. 7/01 /201 8 Include as many specific details as you can. Attach additional pages if necessary. C o mplaint Must be signed before a notary public. I solemnly affirm, under penalty of perjury, that I have read the preceding information and it is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature Date Subscribed and affirmed before me in the county of , state of , this day of , 20 . Official signature of Notary Public or other qualified person Title Commission expiration date Notarized signature [S tamp] American LegalNet, Inc.

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