Instructions To The Sheriff (Writ Of Possession Real Property) {800c} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

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Instructions To The Sheriff (Writ Of Possession Real Property) {800c} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Last updated: 2/27/2017

Instructions To The Sheriff (Writ Of Possession Real Property) {800c}

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(Writ of Possession - Real Property) INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SHERIFF OF THE COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE The Sheriff must have written, signed, instructions by the attorney for the creditor, or the creditor if he/she has no attorney in accordance with CCP 262; 687.010. http://www/ **Failure to fill out this form completely could result in a delay in processing this request.** Court Services · Central 30755-D Auld Rd., Ste. L067 Murrieta, CA 92563 951-304-5050 · FAX 951-304-5066 Court Services · East 46200 Oasis St., Rm B15 Indio, CA 92201 760-863-8255 · FAX 760-863-8919 VS Court Services · West 4095 Lemon St., 4th Floor Riverside, CA 92501 951-955-2420 · FAX 951-955-6155 Plaintiff Court Case Number Defendant Levying Officer File Number REQUEST TO RESTORE POSSESSION OF REAL PROPERTY Please enforce the writ by removing the occupants from the premises described below in the manner prescribed by law, and by placing the plaintiff or his/her agent in lawful possession. (The enforcement of a writ of possession of real property is governed by Section 715.020 of the Code of Civil Procedure) 1. Premises-address: Street address (include apartment No., unit designation) **Gate Code Number** , CA City Zip Code 2. List the names of the judgment debtors (as shown on the writ. Include D.O.B. or approximate age if known): 3. Include judgment debtor's last known address (if different than shown on writ): 4. Are the tenants/occupants/visitors involved with drugs, gangs, weapons or violence? (Explain): 5. Have threats been made regarding the eviction? (Explain): 6. Are there any dogs or other animals on the property? (Explain): 7. Are there elderly or bedridden tenants on the property? 8. Are there children on the property? (circle one) (circle one) YES YES NO NO RSD Form 800c (Rev. 11/16) CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE American LegalNet, Inc. 9. Are you aware of any dangerous conditions on or near the property? (Explain): 10. For the purpose of scheduling the eviction, the plaintiff or plaintiff's agent can be contacted by telephone during normal business hours at the following telephone numbers (via collect call if necessary): Plaintiff or plaintiff's agent (Name): ________________________________________________ Daytime phone number(s) for contact: ( ) ____________________________ Ext. _______ No 11. Is this eviction resulting from a foreclosure sale of a rental housing unit? Yes NOTE: Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 415.46, a tenant of property that was the subject of a foreclosure action may have additional remedies in eviction proceedings. Falsely misrepresenting whether this eviction is resulting from foreclosure may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability for fraud. PLAINTIFF/AGENT INSTRUCTIONS · · · The property and individual unit(s) must be clearly marked with property address and unit numbers/letters. The plaintiff or his/her agent must be present at the address for the eviction. Promptly arrive at the scheduled eviction time. Provide keys or a means of entry through a normal entry door to the dwelling. If using a locksmith, insure they arrive at the scheduled eviction time. Deputies will not enter through a window nor allow you to enter through a window at the start of the eviction. If the property requires a gate code or access card, it must be provided at the time of your request. Failure to do so may result in a delay or non-service of the eviction. Do not enter the property or make contact with anyone on the property before the deputies arrive. You should park several dwellings away from the eviction property. When the deputies arrive, you must make your presence known to the deputies. Signature of attorney (or party without an attorney) Date · · Print name of attorney (or party without an attorney) Address of attorney (or party without an attorney) Number, Street, City, State, ZIP Code Telephone Number E-Mail Address Cell Number FAX Number Note: If the occupants vacate the premises prior to the eviction and you wish to cancel the formal lockout procedure, we will accept cancellations by facsimile. Cancellations by telephone will require subsequent written/signed instructions to cancel. By doing so, additional time slots become available that will be used to expedite pending work. RSD Form 800c (Rev. (11/16) American LegalNet, Inc.

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