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Citation (Abandonment) {RI-A810} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Last updated: 5/29/2015

Citation (Abandonment) {RI-A810}

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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE HEMET 880 N. State St., Hemet, CA 92543 INDIO 46-200 Oasis St., Indio, CA 92201 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address): RIVERSIDE 4175 Main St., Riverside, CA 92501 RI-A810 FOR COURT USE ONLY TELEPHONE NO.: E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional): ATTORNEY FOR (NAME): FAX NO. (Optional): IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION OF: CASE NUMBER: CITATION Freedom From Parental Custody and Control (ABANDONMENT) To: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ and to all persons claiming to be the father or mother of: _________________________________________________ MINOR(S) NAME(S) _____________________________________________. By order of the Court you are hereby cited and (required to) (may) appear before the Judge Presiding in Department _______________________________ of the above entitled court, located at ________________________________________________________________ on _______________________ at _____________________ of that day, then and there to show cause, if any you have, why said person should not be declared free from the control of his/her/their parents according to the petition on file herein. For failure to attend, you may be deemed guilty of a contempt of court. You are required to have said minor child present at this hearing (FC §7880(b)). You are hereby notified of the provisions of Family Code § 7860 which provide the judge shall advise the minor and the parents, if present, of the right to have counsel present. The court may appoint counsel to represent the minor whether or not the minor is able to afford counsel, and if they are unable to afford counsel, shall appoint counsel to represent the parents. The petition filed herein is for the purpose of freeing the subject child for placement for adoption. Dated: ________________________ By: ____________________________________________________, Deputy NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED You are served as an individual citee. You are served on behalf of: CCP § 416.60 (Minor) CCP § 416.70 (Incompetent) CCP § 416.90 (Individual) under: Other The time when a citation is deemed served on a party may vary depending on the method of service: For example, see Code of Civil Procedure §§ 413.10 through 415.40. Persons having custody or control or with whom said child is, are required to appear; others cited may appear. A published citation requires appearance of all persons cited (FC §7880(a)). Page 1 of 2 Adopted for Optional Use Riverside Superior Court RI-A810 [Rev. 5/2/11] CITATION - ABANDONMENT Family Code §7880 American LegalNet, Inc. IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION OF: CASE NUMBER: PROOF OF SERVICE (See Instruction Sheet) I served the citation as follows: (Type or print) 1. Name ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Person served and title______________________________________________________________________ 3. Person with whom left, title or relationship to person served:_________________________________________ 4. Date and time of delivery:____________________________________________________________________ 5. Mailing date; type of mail:____________________________________________________________________ 6. Address, City and State (when required, indicate whether address is home or business): __________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Manner of service: (check appropriate box for each person served and complete this form). (C-1) (C-2) (Personal service) By handling copies to the person served. (CCP § 415.10.) (Substituted service on corporation, unincorporated association (including partnership), or public entity). By leaving, during usual office hours, copies in the office of the person served with the person who apparently was in charge and thereafter mailing (by first-class mail, postage prepaid) copies to the person served at the place where the copies were left. (CCP § 415.20(a)) Place of mailing: (C-1) (C-2) (Substituted service on natural person, minor, incompetent, or candidate) By leaving copies at the dwelling house, usual place of abode, or usual place of business of the person served in the presence of a competent member of the household or a person apparently in charge of his office or place of business, at least 18 years of age, who was informed of the general nature of the papers, and thereafter mailing (by first-class mail, postage prepaid) copies to the person served at the place where the copies were left. (CCP § 415.20(b)) Attach separate declaration or affidavit stating acts relied on to establish reasonable diligence in first attempting personal service.) Place of mailing: (C-1) (C-2) (Mail and acknowledgment service) By mailing (by first-class or airmail) copies to the person served, together with two copies of the form of notice and acknowledgment and a return envelope, postage prepaid, addressed to the sender. (CCP § 415.30. Attach written acknowledgment of receipt.) Place of mailing: (C-1) (C-2) (Certified or registered mail service) By mailing to address outside California (by registered or certified airmail with return receipt requested) copies to the person serviced. (CCP § 415.40. Attach signed return receipt or other evidence of actual delivery to the person served.) Place of mailing: (C-1) (C-2) Other (CCP §§ 413.10, 413.30, 417.10-417.30) - Attach separate pages if necessary. Fee for service $ Mileage $ Notary $ Total $ 0.00 (To be completed in California by process server, other than a sheriff, marshal or constable*) I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct and this declaration was executed on (insert date): ________________________________ at (insert place): _________________________________ (Type or print name, address and telephone number). Signature: ____________________________________ (To be completed in California by sheriff, marshal, or constable*) I certify that the foregoing is true and correct and this certificate was executed on (insert date): _____________ (Type or print name, title, county and, when applicable, Municipal or Justice Court District). Signature: _____________________________________ *This declaration or certificate of service must be executed within California (CCP § 2015.5). A proof of service executed outside California must be made by a

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