Attachment To UCC Financing Statement For Statutory Agricultural Liens | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nebraska

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Attachment To UCC Financing Statement For Statutory Agricultural Liens | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nebraska

Last updated: 5/31/2011

Attachment To UCC Financing Statement For Statutory Agricultural Liens

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Attachment to UCC Financing Statement for Statutory Agricultural Liens Print or Type Debtor's Name Check type of Lien claimed (check one box only): Agister's Petroleum Feed Seed, Electrical/ Energy Artisan's Thresher's Fertilizer/Ag Chemical Veterinarian's Instructions: Please read each of the following sections carefully to see if it is applicable to your lien claim. If a section is pertinent, provide the necessary information on the blanks provided. If the section doesn't apply, then leave blank. 1) The amount due for: (Agister's) feeding & keeping livestock; (Feed) amount due or reasonable value for feed or feed ingredients and related costs; (Artisan's) (Thresher's) for work done or material furnished; (Fertilizer/Ag Chemical) product, machinery or equipment furnished or work or labor done; (Petroleum) fuel or lubricant & application of such fuel/lubricant; (Seed, Electrical/Energy) contract price or reasonable value of the seed or electrical power or energy; (Veterinarian's) amount of services or medicines or biologics used: 2) A description of the livestock and the place where such livestock are located (Agister's) (Feed) (Veterinarian's): 3) Legal Description of the land upon which crops are to be planted, growing, or grown or place where grain, seed, or corn is located (optional on all except thresher's liens) (Fertilizer/Ag Chemical) (Seed, Electrical/Energy) (Petroleum) (Thresher's): 4) A description of the work done, material furnished & a description of the article so made, repaired, altered or enhanced in value of for which material was furnished or upon which such work was performed (Artisan's): 5) The last date on which services or goods furnished (Feed) (Fertilizer/Ag Chemical) (Seed, Electrical/Energy) (Thresher's) (Veterinarian's): Month Day Year Approved by the Secretary of State (07/01/01 ) American LegalNet, Inc. GENERAL INFORMATION For specific legal rights and obligations seek legal counsel. Please note: This attachment cannot be used for Agricultural Production Input (API) Liens. Please use the Agricultural Production Input Lien Notification Statement (API form) as the attachment to the UCC Financing Statement for API filings. A COPY OF THE FINANCING STATEMENT WITH THIS ATTACHMENT MUST BE SENT TO THE DEBTOR UPON FILING THE ORIGINAL WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE FERTILIZER AND AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL LIEN * A lien upon the crops produced within one (1) year where the fertilizer/ag chemical is applied and labor performed and upon proceeds from the sale of the crops. -- Time for Filing ­ within sixty (60) days of the last date fertilizer/ag chemical furnished and/or labor performed. SEED LIEN OR ELECTRICAL POWER/ENERGY LIEN * Lien upon all crops produced from the seed furnished. -- Time for Filing ­ within sixty (60) days of the last date the seed was furnished. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS LIEN * Lien upon the crops produced and owned by the person to whom fuel or lubricant is furnished. -- Time for Filing ­ within six (6) months of furnishing fuel/lubricant. -- Foreclosure ­ must be commenced within ninety (90) days after the filing of the lien. FEED LIEN * Lien upon livestock for the feed or feed ingredients and related costs, such as delivery costs. -- Time for Filing ­ filed while location of livestock consuming feed can be determined and livestock is in the possession of person who contracted to purchase feed or feed ingredients. AGISTER'S LIEN * Lien upon livestock for the feed and care provided. -- Time for Filing ­ prior to removal of the livestock from the premises of the person providing feed and care. ARTISAN'S LIEN * Lien upon vehicle, machinery, farm implement or tool at the request or with consent of owner when taken to place of business for repair work or material furnished. -- Time for Filing ­ within sixty (60) days of performing work or furnishing material. -- Foreclosure ­ foreclosure within one (1) year of filing. VETERINARIAN'S LIEN * Lien upon livestock by licensed veterinarian for any services, medicines, or biologics furnished. -- Time for Filing ­ within ninety (90) days of furnishing services and any medicines/biologics. THRESHER'S LIEN * Lien upon grain, seed, or corn for threshing, combining, hauling, picking, husking, or shelling by machine. -- Time for Filing ­ within thirty (30) days after threshing, combining, hauling, picking, husking, or shelling. -- Foreclosure ­ foreclosure within thirty (30) days of filing. TERMINATION OF FINANCING STATEMENT WITH ATTACHMENT ­ when the lien is satisfied, a UCC Financing Statement Amendment with appropriate information and termination box checked must be filed within thirty (30) days with the Secretary of State. American LegalNet, Inc.

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