First Appearance Highlights {NHJB-2336-F} | | New Hampshire

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First Appearance Highlights {NHJB-2336-F} |  | New Hampshire

Last updated: 4/13/2015

First Appearance Highlights {NHJB-2336-F}

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THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH FIRST APPEARANCE HIGHLIGHTS Date Attended: _________ Goals of First Appearance Learn about the court process and case management Learn about the Child Impact Program Learn about mandatory financial information sharing Learn about parenting plans Learn about mediation Schedule mediation or next court event Child Impact Program (CIP) 4 hour class Important to take early in process Helps parents understand impact of divorce/separation on children Helps parents learn how not to put children in the middle of adult issues Case Manager Can explain forms to people who already agree Cannot mediate or resolve parties' disagreements Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Appointed only if parties are unable to resolve their issues about their children Must be paid privately Will investigate and tell court what they think is in best interests of the children Mediation Neutral professional helps parents discuss what is important to them and their children Mediation discussions are confidential Mediator does not give opinion about what parents should do Allows parents to design their future and their children's future Can be used for entire case or just some of it Parties have input on pace of mediation NHJB-2336-F (12/01/2011) Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. FIRST APPEARANCE HIGHLIGHTS Mediation (continued) Lawyers may participate if parties want Lawyers should review agreement before it is signed Costs $60 per hour, but sliding scale may apply per hour after 5 hours Payment is due at each session If you fail to appear at mediation, you will have to pay for the missed session If eligible, State can pay on front end and parties reimburse later Mediation is not for everyone Legal Representation New rules allow lawyers to represent you for part of your case See the handout about lawyers in this area who might represent you this way For referrals to lawyers to help with all or part of your case on a full fee or reduced fee basis, call NH Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 229-0002 Legal advice for people with low incomes may be available through the Legal Advice and Referral Center 1-800-639-5290 Financial Information Sharing Knowing your financial situation is important You must exchange numerous documents within 45 days of notification of this action If you need a copy of Rule 1.25-A, you can print it from the court website or get it from our court staff Parenting Plans Focus on children's needs Children need both parents Parents should work together on plans if possible Both parents have rights and responsibilities to children Plans should be detailed and may need to change as children mature Parents are in best positions to decide what is best for their children Child Support Goes by formula Can see how guidelines work on the Division of Health and Human Service's website at (the calculator is in the lower right corner of home page) DHHS can help collect support, can help keep track of support payments, and may provide other assistance depending on the case The next event in my case is a: Date of next event: Time of next event: American LegalNet, Inc. NHJB-2336-F (12/01/2011) Page 2 of 2

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