Final Judgment Of Foreclosure {1.996(a)} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

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Final Judgment Of Foreclosure {1.996(a)} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Last updated: 4/13/2015

Final Judgment Of Foreclosure {1.996(a)}

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR COUNTY, FLORIDA DIVISION ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Plaintiff, -vs- Case No. Division _________ Defendant. FINAL JUDGMENT This action was tried before the court. On the evidence presented IT IS ADJUDGED that: 1. Amount Due. Plaintiff, [name and address] Principal Interest to date of this judgment Title search expense Taxes Attorneys' fees total Court costs, now taxed Other: Sub total LESS: Escrow balance LESS: Other TOTAL $ that shall bear interest at the rate of 7 % a year. $ , is due: $ 2. Lien on Property. Plaintiff holds a lien for the total sum superior to all claims or estates of defendant(s), on the following described property in County, Florida: [describe property] 3. Sale of Property. If the total sum with interest at the rate described in paragraph 1 and all costs accrued subsequent to this judgment are not paid, the clerk of this court shall sell the property at public sale on , to the highest bidder for cash, except as prescribed in paragraph 4, at the courthouse located at [street address of courthouse] in County in [name of city], Florida, in accordance with § 45.031, Florida Statutes (2013), using the following method (CHECK ONE): At [location of sale at courthouse, e.g. north door], beginning at [time of sale] on the prescribed date. By electronic sale beginning at [time of sale] on the prescribed date at [website] 4. Costs. Plaintiff shall advance all subsequent costs of this action and shall be reimbursed for them by the clerk if plaintiff is not the purchaser of the property for sale, provided, however, that the purchaser of the property for sale shall be responsible for the documentary stamps payable on the certificate of title. If plaintiff is the purchaser, the clerk shall credit plaintiff's bid with the total sum with interest and cost accruing subsequent to this judgment, or Final Judgment of Foreclosure {1.996(a)} Page 1 of 3 December 11, 2014 American LegalNet, Inc. such part of it as is necessary to pay the bid in full. 5. Distribution of Proceeds. On filing the certificate of title the clerk shall distribute the proceeds of the sale, so far as they are sufficient, by paying: first, all of plaintiffs costs; second, documentary stamps affixed to the certificate; third, Plaintiffs attorneys fees; fourth, the total sum due to plaintiff, less the items paid, plus interest at the rate prescribed in paragraph 1 from this date to the date of the sale; and by retaining any remaining amount pending the further order of this court. 6. Right of Redemption/Right of Possession. On filing the certificate of sale, defendant(s) and all persons claiming under or against defendant(s) since the filing of the notice of lis pendens shall be foreclosed of all estate or claim in the property and defendant's right of redemption as prescribed by section 45.031, Florida Statutes (2013) shall be terminated, except as to claims or rights under chapter 718 or chapter 720, Florida Statutes, if any. Upon the filing of the certificate of title, the person named on the certificate of title shall be let into possession of the property. 7. Attorneys' Fees. [If a default judgment has been entered against the mortgagor] Because a default judgment has been entered against the mortgagor and because the fees requested do not exceed 3% of the principal amount owed at the time the complaint was filed, it is not necessary for the court to hold a hearing or adjudge the requested attorneys' fees to be reasonable. [If no default judgment has been entered against the mortgagor] The court finds, based upon the affidavits/testimony presented and upon inquiry of counsel for the plaintiff that ___ hours were reasonably expended by plaintiff's counsel and that an hourly rate of. $_____ is appropriate. Plaintiff's counsel represents that the attorney fee awarded does not exceed its contract fee with the plaintiff. The court finds that there are no reduction or enhancement factors for consideration by the court pursuant to Florida Patients Compensation Fund v. Rowe, 472 So. 2d 1145 (Fla. 1985). [If the court has found that there are reduction or enhancement factors to be applied, then such factors must be identified and explained herein.] [If the fees to be awarded are a flat fee] The requested attorneys' fees are a flat rate fee that the firm's client has agreed to pay in this matter. Given the amount of the fee requested and the labor expended, the court finds that a lodestar analysis is not necessary and that the flat fee is reasonable. 8. Jurisdiction Retained. Jurisdiction of this action is retained to enforce the adequate protection ordered and to enter further orders that are proper including, without limitation, a deficiency judgment. IF THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION, THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM THE SALE AFTER PAYMENT OF PERSONS WHO ARE ENTITLED TO BE PAID FROM THE SALE PROCEEDS PURSUANT TO THE FINAL JUDGMENT. IF YOU ARE A SUBORDINATE LIENHOLDER CLAIMING A RIGHT TO FUNDS REMAINING AFTER THE SALE, YOU MUST FILE A CLAIM WITH THE CLERK NO LATER THA 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. IF YOU FAIL TO FILE A CLAIM, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANY REMAINING FUNDS. [If the property being foreclosed on has qualified for the homestead tax exemption in the most recent approved tax roll, the final judgment shall additionally contain the following statement in conspicuous type:] IF YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OWNER, YOU MAY CLAIM THESE FUNDS YOURSELF. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A LAWYER OR ANY OTHER REPRESENTATION AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ASSIGN YOUR RIGHTS TO ANYONE ELSE IN ORDER FOR YOU TO CLAIM ANY MONEY TO WHICH YOU ARE ENTITLED. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE CLERK OF THE COURT, [INSERT INFORMATION FOR APPLICABLE COURT] WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER THE SALE TO SEE IF THERE IS ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM THE FORECLOSURE SALE THAT THE CLERK HAS IN THE REGISTRY OF THE COURT. IF YOU DECIDE TO SELL YOUR HOME OR HIRE SOMEONE TO HELP YOU CLAIM ADDITIONAL MONEY, YOU SHOULD READ VERY CAREFULLY ALL PAPERS YOU REQUIRED TO SIGN, ASK SOMEONE ELSE, PREFERABLY AN ATTORNEY WHO IS RELATED TO THE PERSON OFFERING TO HELP YOU, TO MAKE SURE THAT Final Judgment of Foreclosure {1.996(a)} Page 2 of 3 THE ARE NOT YOU December 11, 2014 American LegalNet, Inc. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING AND THAT YOU ARE NOT TRANSFERRING YOUR PROPERTY OR THE EQUITY IN YOUR PROPERTY WITHOUT THE PROPER INFORMATION. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY AN ATTORNEY, YOU MAY CONTACT [INSER

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