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Guardian Packet Questionnaire | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Last updated: 5/29/2015

Guardian Packet Questionnaire

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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF ALAMEDA OFFICE OF THE COURT INVESTIGATOR BERKELEY COURTHOUSE 2120 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. WAY BERKELEY, CA 94704 PHONE: (510) 636-8820 FAX: (510) 451-2269 PROBATE GUARDIANSHIP QUESTIONNAIRE IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR FILING - PLEASE READ Everyone requesting a guardianship must do the following: In ALL cases whether the proposed guardian is a relative or not a relative of the child: Complete the Proposed Guardian's Questionnaire and file it at the same time you file the Petition for Appointment of Guardian. This is to be filed as a Confidential document. In ALL cases: Send the completed Proposed Guardian's Questionnaire and a copy of the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor to: Child Protective Services, K-230 P.O. BOX 1769 Oakland, CA 94604-1769 If the proposed guardian is NOT related to the child: Mail a copy of the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor and Notice of Hearing to: Director of Social Services 744 P Street, M.S. 19-31 Sacramento, CA 95814 If these forms are not filed at least 60 days prior to your hearing, you must -1American LegalNet, Inc. appear in court on your hearing date to request a continuance (rescheduling of your court hearing). PROPOSED GUARDIAN'S QUESTIONNAIRE INSTRUCTIONS Please read these instructions carefully 1. All proposed guardians are required to complete this questionnaire. - File this questionnaire at the same time that you file your petition - Send a copy to Child Protective Services, K-230, P.O. Box 1769, Oakland, CA 94604-1769 The information you provide will be used to prepare the report to the judge on your suitability as a guardian. This questionnaire is also available on the Court's website. 2. If there will be more than one guardian, each guardian must complete a separate copy of the questionnaire. 3. Answer all questions honestly. 4. Sign page 5 and the last page. 5. If you are asking to be appointed as the Guardian of the Estate only, the court investigator will interview you by telephone. 6. If you are asking to be appointed as the Guardian of the Person (or Person and Estate), the court investigator will conduct a home visit. Everyone who lives in the home must be present during the home visit. After this questionnaire is received, the court investigator will contact you to schedule the home visit. 7. The Court Investigation fee is $800. The fee may be waived under certain circumstances based on financial inability to pay. To obtain this waiver, you must file an Application for Waiver of Court Fees and Costs through the Clerk's Office. In some cases, you may make arrangements for monthly payments through Alameda County Central Collections. 8. Please keep in mind that all questions must be answered. If you need assistance in filling out this questionnaire, please contact the Court's Self-Help Center at (510) 272-1393. Terms: Proposed Guardian - the person who wants to become the legal guardian Proposed Ward or Ward - the child for which you are asking to become the legal guardian Petitioner - the person who signed the petition asking the court to appoint a legal guardian American LegalNet, Inc. COURT INVESTIGATOR'S OFFICE 2120 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way Berkeley, CA 94704 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF ALAMEDA CONFIDENTIAL PROPOSED GUARDIANSHIP QUESTIONNAIRE AND SCREENING In the Guardianship of: Minor(s) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) PROBATE CASE NO:________________ HEARING DATE:___________________ THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONNAIRE IN ORDER TO PREVENT ANY DELAY IN YOUR HEARING, YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IN ITS ENTIRETY AND FILE IT AT THE SAME TIME THAT YOU FILE YOUR PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN OF MINOR COURT CLERK: File as a confidential document American LegalNet, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL GUARDIANSHIP SCREENING (PROBATE CODE SECTION 1516) A SCREENING OF PREVIOUS CONTACTS WITH CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES GUARDIANSHIP OF: _________________________________CASE NO.:____________________ 1. 2. A COPY OF EACH CHILD'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE MUST BE ATTACHED TO THIS FORM. LIST THE NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH OF EACH CHILD NEEDING A GUARDIAN: additional children are listed on an attached separate piece of paper. 1.____________________________________________DATE OF BIRTH _______________ 2.____________________________________________DATE OF BIRTH _______________ 3.____________________________________________DATE OF BIRTH _______________ 4.____________________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH _______________ 3. 4. Does the family have Native American/American Indian ancestry or heritage? YES NO LIST THE PROPOSED GUARDIAN(S): THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED NAME DATE OF BIRTH RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD ______ ______ E 1._____________________________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________________________ 5. FATHER 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED, CHARGED WITH, OR CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME (REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME)? YES NO NOTE: THE COURT INVESTIGATOR WILL CONDUCT A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK. 7. WARD'S PARENTS: NAME ADDRESS DATE OF BIRTH 1. Mother: ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Father: _____________________________________________________________________ 8. OTHER PEOPLE LIVING IN YOUR HOME, AGE 18 AND OVER: NAME DATE OF BIRTH RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD 1._________________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________________ DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES USE ONLY ********************************************************************************** [ ] NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE [ ] INFORMATION AVAILABLE Date: _________ Phone No.:_________________ Screening by Worker #:______________ American LegalNet, Inc. GUARDIANSHIP OF: _________________________________CASE NO.:____________________ AGREEMENT TO RELEASE AND SHARE RECORDS By my signature below, I agree that I, _____________________________________, (PRINT NAME OF ALL PROPOSED GUARDIANS) am the proposed guardian in this matter. I consent to the release of any and all records about me in the possession of Child Protective Services, and to the delivery of those records to the Court Investigator and the Court for use in determining my suitability as guardian. I also consent to

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