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Supplementary Probate Case Information Sheet | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Texas

Last updated: 5/16/2016

Supplementary Probate Case Information Sheet

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CIVIL CASE INFORMATION SHEET CAUSE NUMBER (FOR CLERK USE ONLY): _______________________________ COURT (FOR CLERK USE ONLY): ______________________ (e.g., John Smith v. All American Insurance Co; In re Mary Ann Jones; In the Matter of the Estate of George Jackson) STYLED ________________________________________________ A civil case information sheet must be completed and submitted when an original petition or application is filed to initiate a new civil, family law, probate, or mental health case or when a post-judgment petition for modification or motion for enforcement is filed in a family law case. The information should be the best available at the time of filing. This sheet, approved by the Texas Judicial Council, is intended to collect information that will be used for statistical purposes only. It neither replaces nor supplements the filings or service of pleading or other documents as required by law or rule. The sheet does not constitute a discovery request, response, or supplementation, and it is not admissible at trial. 1. Contact information for person completing case information sheet: Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Signature: _____________________________ Email: Telephone: Fax: State Bar No: [Attach additional page as necessary to list all parties] Names of parties in case: Plaintiff(s)/Petitioner(s): Person or entity completing sheet is: Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner Pro Se Plaintiff/Petitioner Title IV-D Agency Other: _________________________ Additional Parties in Child Support Case: Custodial Parent: Non-Custodial Parent: Presumed Father: Defendant(s)/Respondent(s): 2. Indicate case type, or identify the most important issue in the case (select only 1): Civil Contract Debt/Contract Consumer/DTPA Debt/Contract Fraud/Misrepresentation Other Debt/Contract: ____________________ Foreclosure Home Equity--Expedited Other Foreclosure Franchise Insurance Landlord/Tenant Non-Competition Partnership Other Contract: ______________________ Injury or Damage Assault/Battery Construction Defamation Malpractice Accounting Legal Medical Other Professional Liability: _______________ Motor Vehicle Accident Premises Product Liability Asbestos/Silica Other Product Liability List Product: _________________ Other Injury or Damage: _________________ Administrative Appeal Antitrust/Unfair Competition Code Violations Foreign Judgment Intellectual Property Real Property Eminent Domain/ Condemnation Partition Quiet Title Trespass to Try Title Other Property: ____________________ Related to Criminal Matters Expunction Judgment Nisi Non-Disclosure Seizure/Forfeiture Writ of Habeas Corpus-- Pre-indictment Other: _______________ Family Law Marriage Relationship Annulment Declare Marriage Void Divorce With Children No Children Post-judgment Actions (non-Title IV-D) Enforcement Modification--Custody Modification--Other Title IV-D Enforcement/Modification Paternity Reciprocals (UIFSA) Support Order Parent-Child Relationship Adoption/Adoption with Termination Child Protection Child Support Custody or Visitation Gestational Parenting Grandparent Access Parentage/Paternity Termination of Parental Rights Other Parent-Child: _____________________ Other Family Law Enforce Foreign Judgment Habeas Corpus Name Change Protective Order Removal of Disabilities of Minority Other: __________________ Employment Discrimination Retaliation Termination Workers' Compensation Other Employment: ______________________ Tax Tax Appraisal Tax Delinquency Other Tax Other Civil Lawyer Discipline Perpetuate Testimony Securities/Stock Tortious Interference Other: _______________ Probate & Mental Health Probate/Wills/Intestate Administration Dependent Administration Independent Administration Other Estate Proceedings Guardianship--Adult Guardianship--Minor Mental Health Other: ____________________ Prejudgment Remedy Protective Order Receiver Sequestration Temporary Restraining Order/Injunction Turnover 3. Indicate procedure or remedy, if applicable (may select more than 1): Appeal from Municipal or Justice Court Declaratory Judgment Arbitration-related Garnishment Attachment Interpleader Bill of Review License Certiorari Mandamus Class Action Post-judgment American LegalNet, Inc. SUPPLEMENTARY PROBATE CASE INFORMATION SHEET TRAVIS COUNTY PROBATE COURT NO. 1 CAUSE NO. C-1-PB-_______ - __________________ This sheet is a supplement to the Civil Case Information Sheet required by Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 78a. Both the Civil Case Information Sheet and this supplementary sheet should be completed whenever an original petition or application is filed in this Court. Except for the case style, there's no duplication between the two sheets. If you are e-filing the original petition or application, an information sheet cannot be the lead document. The information should be the best available at the time of filing, understanding that the information may change before trial. This information does not constitute a discovery request, response, or supplementation, and is not admissible at trial. 1. Case style. Please indicate the correct case style. For example, "Estate of Decedent's name," "Guardianship of the Person and Estate of Proposed Ward's name," or "Plaintiff(s) v. Defendant(s)." If "Plaintiff v. Defendant," list all parties; attach additional page as necessary (an estate or guardianship cannot be a party; it's the executor, administrator, or guardian who has the capacity to sue or be sued). 2. Related case(s). Has this case been previously filed, or is it related to a case previously filed in this court or in another court? No Yes, in this court. Cause No. C-1-PB-___-____________________ ( ( - new case is guardianship after 1102; will be same cause number) - new case is guardianship after chapter 48; new cause number & new style) Yes, in another court: Court: _________________________ Cause No. _______________________; attach page(s) as needed. If you are attaching page(s) with information about additional related cases, check here: 3. Indicate case type (check only one case type, but see additional check-box if filing a guardianship application) Independent Administration Probate Letters Testamentary (independent) (PBL + 3020) Letters w/ copy of will (PBL + 3130) Indep. Admin., Will Annexed (PAI + 3030) Indep. Admin. with Heirship (PAH + 3032) Foreign Will Letters (indep't) (PWL + 3102) Dependent Administration Dependent Administration (all dependent administrations: executor, will annexed, with hei

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