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Assignment Of Judgment {DC-CV 90} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maryland

Assignment Of Judgment {DC-CV 90}

This is a Maryland form that can be used for Civil within Statewide, District Court.

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CIRCUIT COURT Located at Plaintiff DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FOR Court Address City/County Case No. Defendant vs. ASSIGNMENT OF JUDGMENT (Md. Rules § 2-624 and § 3-624) A judgment in the above case was entered on in the amount of $ Date Principal Amount plus any pre-judgment interest plus attorney's fees of $ Payments totaling $ I, assign Name Address City, State, Zip Telephone Date Print Name and costs of $ . have been made; the balance due is $ . am the judgment holder in the case. I hereby the entire remaining balance of the judgment to: of the judgment Signature of Judgment Holder Printed Name Address City, State, Zip Telephone Number E-mail Fax Judgment Accepted. Signature of Assignee/New Judgment Holder Date CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that I served a copy of this Motion upon the following party or parties by class mail, postage prepaid hand delivery, on to: Date Name Name Address Address mailing first Date Signature of Party Serving NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT OF JUDGMENT I HEREBY CERTIFY that on , an Assignment of Judgment was filed in this Court, a true copy of that Assignment of Judgment is attached, and pursuant to Rule 3-624 this notice is being Sent to the Clerk of Sent to the Clerk of District Court for Circuit Court for Date Clerk American LegalNet, Inc. CC-DC-CV-090 (Rev. 09/2014)

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